Restful Memorial Day 

It’s been an incredibly busy weekend, and I’m delighted to have today to recover. My rheumadragon (thank you,  Wren, for the term) has once again woken from an uneasy slumber, so I’ve spent more time resting and playing on my iPad than with my pens and paper.  My son and youngest graduated from high school this weekend. My daughter (away at Karme Choling) turned 30 yesterday. How did time slip away so quickly? 

Anyway, let’s move on to the Zentangle fun, shall we?  


The first one has a Tombow watercolor pen background and the second was from our amazing Gelli Print adventure. I’m pretty proud do it, so it needed to go in here too. Now to haul my ass out of bed, find some pills, and see what I can do today. 


One thought on “Restful Memorial Day ”

  1. I love how the background on the first one really screams stripes, yet you broke those boundaries with Y-knot and Henna Drum to draw the eye throughout, while also embracing the stripes with flux and floorz in spots as well. Great movement in that piece!

    And the Gelli print zentangle you know I just love! It is so awesome I’m procrastinating on trying it on my own masked out one 🙂


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