Wall Journal & Sunday Smackdown #9

My Sunday Smackdown #9 zendala on a standard 3.5″ square tile made from Fabriano Uno paper. I used Purlbox and Hurry and I’m not sure what exactly to call the third pattern.

I actually had finished this tile in time for posting for the Sunday Smackdown #9, but then got distracted by more Gelli printing fun at Cate’s 🙂

I kept it pretty simple and clean, using only three patterns, though I’m not quite sure what to call the petal-shaped one as that is really just a technique employed in lot of the patterns. Can anyone help me out on it?

I couldn’t resist an artsy shot of my zendala.

Inspired by my IG feed I took an artsy shot this time around and I really liked it so I thought I’d share the close-up look at it 🙂 It does really show the detail in how I shaded.

The finished “Be Brave and Keep Going” page in my Wall Notebook featuring a lot of tangles!

Then, speaking of procrastination, this has been done for probably a full month I think, but I never took a proper picture of it. The bricks had me employing a bunch of stacking of tangles, though I’m pretty sure it doesn’t quite meet the criteria for the Stack and Tangled FB group. That’s okay though because the same two people have just launch today a Journaled and Tangled group that this will fit in!


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Kristi Sanseraser

A creative soul who thrives on learning new things. I'm a graphics designer, knit designer, hand spinner, bookbinder, photographer, baker, cook, and learning to be a zentangler.

2 thoughts on “Wall Journal & Sunday Smackdown #9”

  1. I’m not sure I can participate in the new journaled and tangled group because while my actual journal does include tangles, it also include profanity laden invectives and snarky remarks about former husbands and quite a bit of bitching in general.

    I love your wall tangles. The artsy-fartsy shot is extremely cool. I can barely handle my cell phone as camera. I promise I will get #9 done soon. Really. 😍


    1. It doesn’t have be part of a personal, wordy journal. I posted a shot of my step-outs and the two spreads from the photo journal books you gave me and they were all acceptable. So, your sky writing journal and I’m pretty sure your calendar would both work as would your pages out of your Art Journal notebook. The photos just have to include something that shows it is in a book of some variety, including spiral bound, 3-ring binders, handbound, stapled etc. You should join, aside from the book aspect it is much less rule oriented than a lot of the groups.


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