Remember me?  No?  Me neither. 

I know it’s been a really long time since I showed up. I do still exist. I haven’t been tangling much, but I have fallen down a pseudo-tangle rabbit hole. In my quest see the work of others, I came across Jane Monk’s Tangle Stitches for Quilters.  Her lovely book got me to thinking that I might be able to translate my seventh grade home-ec skills into something greater. Armed with several books, a bunch of Craftsy classes and some moderately expensive supplies, I have taught self piecing and quilting. Mind you, I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination. I’m just having a great time. Want to see?  Of course you do!  So…does my crafting still exist if Kristi isn’t here to see it?  It doesn’t feel like it. 


















i’m two weeks late on the last Sunday Smackdown. No excuses. 

Let’s look at a couple pictures to distract us from my transgressions, shall we?  

Here’s the illuminated letter B from the class Sue Clark CZT of Tangled Ink Art taught in April. If you click on that link, you’ll be able to see all the great projects from the class. It was a great class. 

This is a wooden letter purchased at Target, covered in gesso, and tangled with a gold Pen-touch pen. 

I hope these have distracted you from the lack of Smackdown. That ball is in my court and I will hit it back soon, I promise. Note to self:  buy printer ink. 

Restful Memorial Day 

It’s been an incredibly busy weekend, and I’m delighted to have today to recover. My rheumadragon (thank you,  Wren, for the term) has once again woken from an uneasy slumber, so I’ve spent more time resting and playing on my iPad than with my pens and paper.  My son and youngest graduated from high school this weekend. My daughter (away at Karme Choling) turned 30 yesterday. How did time slip away so quickly? 

Anyway, let’s move on to the Zentangle fun, shall we?  


The first one has a Tombow watercolor pen background and the second was from our amazing Gelli Print adventure. I’m pretty proud do it, so it needed to go in here too. Now to haul my ass out of bed, find some pills, and see what I can do today. 


Hopefully I still qualify for my own Smackdown. I’m not sure wh,at I issued except COLOR! And I believe I’ve complied.  


Yikes. That’s only a bijou. Now it’s under a microscope!  I tried to go subtle with the shading. I need to get to bed. We have an Art Adventure/ Experiment tomorrow and maybe a trip to Jerry’s Artorama, to say nothing of lunch. See you tomorrow. Send me a reminder if you think I’ll forget something and I most likely will. 

Tangling in books and today’s Sunday Smackdown

It’s always nice to have an excuse to shop, and your last Smackdown forced me to buy the Skywriting Journal from Amazon, Kristi.  The thought of using a real book with letters that wasn’t intended to be a journal was just more than I could bear. My mother would surely come back and haunt the living shit out of me.  So here is mr submission for this Sunday’s Smackdown:

Yes, my Betweed-Fracas thing does look a lot like a big spider squashed in the middle of a book, thank you very much.  I had fun with this challenge and will definitely keep using this journal. In order. Because we all have our issues and skipping around, using pages out of order will just never happen with me. 

For this Sunday’s Smackdown, I will continue my obsession with color:  make a tile (any color or shape will do) that uses a minimum of three colors in addition to black. Ren color scheme doesn’t count. You must make your own scheme of colors and they must be used in the tangle(s), not as background. Using them to color or shade the tangle is what I’m after here. 

I’ve done a lot of tangling this week. I can’t figure out how to change picture size from my iPad, so these might be large, but I think I figured it out. The two Bijou tiles should be thumbnails now because they’re Bijou. 


I’m slightly early, even!

After a full day of taking a really great illuminated letters class with Sue Clark, I’m still tangling.  It was an inspiring class, and really great to get a chance to meet a handful of CZTs that Sue also started along the path.  I’ll post my illuminated letter when I get finished with it.  It’s on a beautiful Opus tile, which I first found a bit intimidating, but very quickly grew to love.

Anyhow, Kristi, here is my tangled response to my own challenge.  I won’t even try to make you guess what tangle I used as a string because it’s fairly obvious, but I enjoyed it enormously.