Diva Challenge #204 – The Valentangle

IMG_2788 Early last week Cate challenged me to try Paradox in a heart. I’m not much of a heart sort of person so I brushed it off for a day or two. But, my brain pretty much never shuts down so it was hanging out in there and taking shape. I eventually explored the idea in my sketchbook, trying about a dozen different combos of cutting (or not) the heart into different sections and switching up the directions of Paradox in neighboring sections to get different looks.

It’s probably because it appeals to all my science training and love of organizing things, but I found the exercise addicting and energizing. I have several more ideas to try, but work has been a bit busier than normal. I did, however choose to turn two of my experiments into tiles for my first ever Diva Challenge (#204) participation.

The first tile, above, I used a pattern I deconstructed from a fence I walk past daily when I go to or from the bus stop. I call it Zirkels. It seemed fitting and kind of lace like, so together it makes me think of the heart doilies.


For the second tile I planned on using Akoya for the border, but ended up stopping one step early and embraced the ribbon-wrapped bead string look instead. I like that it gave me a place to pop a bit of contrasting color.

I’m looking forward to participating in future challenges. Though I resumed my daily work through One Zentangle A Day on Monday so it could be three weeks or so before I get a chance. It gets difficult to work other challenges into the daily exercises.