Inktober Day #1


In my first Inktober drawing we have sampson, auraknot, keeko, bunzo, bb, and msst.
It had already been a very cloudy and slightly rainy 2 days here which is making photographing my early Inktober entries a bit of a challenge. That is likely to remain as my first nor’easter as an east coaster has arrived and regardless of what hurricane Joaquin decides to do, we are likely to feel the effects.

Having not tangled or drawn much recently I decided to go back to the basics for my first #inktober drawing. I used my Doodle Organizer app to randomly choose my first few patterns. That frees me up from decision making but ensured I was at least somewhat familiar with the patterns. Once I had a few patterns in place I continued on my own.

This was actually one of my first tiles where I defiated from my string. I’m wishing now that I had photographed the string. Oh well!

It isn’t my favorite tile, but not too bad for being rusty and letting a lot depend upon chance!


Zendala Dare #98

I’m feeling like I jumped into this Zentangle thing at a great point. Erin at The Bright Owl is back at her Zendala Dares after a hiatus and it makes me so giddy. Zendalas just resonate for me and her templates can really push me.

This week was Zendala Dare #98 and I wanted soooo bad to just b’tweed and/or paradox the heck out of it. But, I made myself resist the urge. Partly because she used paradox and I was noticing both patterns popping up here and there if I happened to glance at people’s finished tiles in one of the Facebook groups or in the blogs I’ve followed.

Using Erin’s Zendala Dare template number 98 with inapod, kuke, auraknot, nekton and beadlines to make my 65th tile of the year.

I had a bit of a rough time, but eventually I think it all kind of came together.  I do wish the center of my auraknot had turned out more symmetrical. I used inapod, auraknot, , nekton, and beadlines. I also kept my shading a titch more restrained. I had visions of doing two or three tiles yesterday to try to catch up on the 365 project I set for myself (I’ve still only not tangled the one day so far, but I haven’t always completed a tile). That didn’t happen. Instead there was napping.