Inktober Day #1


In my first Inktober drawing we have sampson, auraknot, keeko, bunzo, bb, and msst.
It had already been a very cloudy and slightly rainy 2 days here which is making photographing my early Inktober entries a bit of a challenge. That is likely to remain as my first nor’easter as an east coaster has arrived and regardless of what hurricane Joaquin decides to do, we are likely to feel the effects.

Having not tangled or drawn much recently I decided to go back to the basics for my first #inktober drawing. I used my Doodle Organizer app to randomly choose my first few patterns. That frees me up from decision making but ensured I was at least somewhat familiar with the patterns. Once I had a few patterns in place I continued on my own.

This was actually one of my first tiles where I defiated from my string. I’m wishing now that I had photographed the string. Oh well!

It isn’t my favorite tile, but not too bad for being rusty and letting a lot depend upon chance!


Diva Challenges 220 & 221

Diva Challenge #220 UMT: All Boxed Up three ways in a monotangle.

Last week the Diva challenged us to use Alice Hendon’s All Boxed Up tangle. I generally try to not be influenced by other entries in the challenges, but when I procrastinate I do run across some entries in my blog feed or in the various Facebook groups. Here I was influenced by Helen Williams’ freeform All Boxed Up and decided to layer it over Alice’s two different orientations as a sort of study of the pattern. I ended up adding a titch of tipple to cover an oops. There are no mistakes, right?

Diva Challenge 221, a Beads of Courage tile featuring knase on a ribbon, BB, abacus and beadlines.

Between work and moving I can’t knit right now so I tangled during my SnB night on Monday. I ended up doing the this week’s Diva Challenge to create a tile inspired by Beads of Courage which you can read about on the Diva’s blog post.  I thought what goes with beads more than ribbon? Add in that in the Weekly Zentangle Tangle Video Facebook Group is focusing on Knase which immediately grabbed me as a nice pattern for a ribbon and so I combined the two.

Diva Challenge #210 – Spiral String

With Cate’s Sunday Smackdown this week requiring prep and dry time (and perhaps a 180 change in direction, we’ll see) I jumped right on the I Am The Diva CZT Weekly Challenge for this week. The challenge is to use a spiral string. Wow, that was more of a challenge than I expected and one I’m likely to revisit. Perhaps this week, perhaps later.

BB spiral monotangle zentangle tile.
Zentangle Tile 2015-083, I Am The Diva CZT Challenge number 210 to use a spiral string turned into a BB monotangle.

As you can see, my spiral turned into a monotangle. I started off with BB and ended up continuing. I waffled for a bit, as I originally thought I’d end up doing some sort of background pattern like nekton or keeko. Then I realized I was filling up too much with the BB so then thought about adding a sprinkle of tipple. But I think it is done as a monotangle.

Be sure to check out all the other fantastic spiral tangles being made this week!