Diva Challenge Duotangle Renaissance Style

Diva Challenge #217 duotangle of Dex and Bunzo on a Renaissance tile in Zendala form with black, brown and sepia microns, zenstone, and pitt pastel pencils for highlights and shading.

Life has been pretty challenging itself lately so I haven’t been consistent in playing along, but an idea of this week’s Diva Challenge popped into my head over the course of the week so I sat down on Thursday and made this Renaissance tile. I was curious about a couple things:

  1. How would Dex work in a circle?
  2. How would using multiple colors of ink (in this case black, sepia and brown) helpcreatethe dimensionality of Dex?
    The evolution of my Diva Challenge tile for this week. Upper left is just inked, lower left is with the highlights in place and the right side if a close look at half of the finished tile with both highlights and shadows in place.

    For me, there is just something magical about creating a chiaroscuro tile, whether it be an official Renaissance tile or on the toned gray tiles from Strathmore. Add the highlights and everything starts to really pop, but then add the shadows and it has more dimension than you ever imagined. I’m quite pleased with this tile!

Renaissance Infatuation

Zentangle 2015-096, a study of Roscoe with some accidental orbs on a Strathmore Toned Tan Artist Tile.

Ever since the Renaissance tile class with Sue I’ve been a woman obsessed.  There is just something about working on the mid-tone papers, be they the usual tan of the official Zentangle Renaissance tiles or the Strathmore Toned Tan or Tone Gray. It seems as soon as you put white to them something magical happens and everything pops. I just love it.

My three Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils for shading Renaissance tiles.


All of that said, I’ve not been overly enamored of shading the primarily brown tangles with graphite in all situations. So this week in the couple tiles I took time to make I played with using some colored pastel pencils in place of plain graphite. I picked up three Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils from my local art supply store in 283 (Burnt Sienna), 192 (Indian Red) and 225 (Dark Red). I haven’t really used the dark red because I haven’t yet played with adding in some red ink on my Renaissance tiles just yet. But you’ll see both of the other colors in each of the two tiles of this post.

Zentangle 2015-097, my second stacked tangle where I practiced some of the patterns from Sue’s Border Patrol class plus a few others.

Have you played around with shading with other colors on Renaissance tiles? What medium did you use, pastels, colored pencils, markers?

BTW, Alice Hendon of The Creator’s Leaf along with Jane Eileen of See Jane Run started a Facebook group dedicated to Stacked Tangles called Zentangle: Stacked and Tangled. I highly recommend checking it out! Note the first tile in this post is not stacked, but the second is.


I Am The Diva Challenge #208

I couldn’t resist the I Am The Diva Challenge this week. Participants are to make a duotangle using cubine and pokeroot. I *adore* cubine, but don’t incorporate it often enough. I also enjoy using pokeroot as an organic filler. It makes me think of cherries most of the time which makes me think of my dad.

Zentangle Tile 2015-067
Zentangle Tile 2015-067, I Am The Diva Challenge #208 with pokeroot and cubine.

I opted to explore both at a bit larger scale than I tend to embrace. I liked it. It gave me more room to shade, LOL! Though I think my pokeroot, separated like that and at that size came out more like apples than cherries.

I’m uncertain if my last-minute frame, all be it light, disqualifies me? I just felt it needed a boundary. I may blame it on Day 31 (I think) of One Zentangle a Day. The focus of that daily lesson was framing.

Be sure you check out all the other participants. The work I’ve seen trickling through my Facebook groups and my blogroll have been fantastic!