I’ve Arrived!

Stacked and tangled postcards announcing our new address. The top one features sunup sundown, cubine, finery, bunzo and vitruvius. The second one I kept simple and just used flux and bublz.

DH and I arrived in Virginia on Saturday afternoon. The moving truck is here and I’m waiting for them to bring things up to the apartment as I type. It has not been a pleasant experience, sadly. Communication was very poor and is really at the root of everything else that has me disappointed.

That said, I’ve started tangling a few postcards with our new address on them. Letterforms seems to call out for stacking. I strung the postcards while a passenger and have been picking away at the tangling of them since we arrived. I think it will be a fun way to share our new address with a few of our friends and family.

With the arrival of stuff I’ll be unpacking when I’m not working so I’ll likely be pretty quiet again for a while.

Keep tangling!


A Time of Lasts (For Now)

Well, after some really frustrating circumstances in the past several weeks which resulted in some not so pretty breakdowns a date for my departure was finally set. By this time next week we (Drew, Brandon and I) should be over half way to Alexandria, VA. The goodbyes and “lasts” have now begun. 

A Sky Writing Journal spread tangled while thinking about the changes that will result from my fast approaching move from Northern Colorado to Northern Virginia. i used falls, msst, bunzo and popcloud.
After 16 years years in Colorado I’ll be leaving the mountains behind. I think it is going to feel odd. That was what was going through my brain while I tangled this spread in the Sky Writing Journal that Cate gave me for my birthday. I think Popcloud could use some shading with colored pencil yet. I tried to highlight it and Falls with white colored pencil and it didn’t work. My experience on my previous spread was that pastel pencil also didn’t want to lay done really and definitely wouldn’t blend sufficiently.

Last night I had the pleasure to attend a last Zentangle class. As usual, Cate brought me to Sue’s house for the evening, but this time Holly Williams of Tangle Your Bliss was teaching. We learned the Tints on Tan technique that Marty Deckel and Jenny Perruzi have shared. It was really fun to add more vibrant colors to the tan tiles. Best of all though was another evening with a few of the great women I’ve connected with (or reconnected with in the case of Cate) over Zentangle! I’m going to miss you guys and only hope to find a few tanglers in NoVa as great as you!

Here are all of our tiles (two are Holly’s):

Holly’s first Tints on Tan class tile mosaic with two of her samples, and tiles by Cate, Sue Clark and myself.

And here is a closer look at my tile. I need some practice, but I’m really excited to explore this more!

My tints on tan tile with printemps, bunzo, tipple, flux, finery and shattuck.

Sunday Smackdown #4 & Diva Challenge       

Random "Bloom" for Zentangle 2015-089
My first tile using the Sunday Smackdown pattern of Bloom by Helen Williams, here done with a combo of a random zig-zag and dots with a touch of Neocolor II crayons.

After watching Helen’s video and doing my own step-outs in my sketchbook I jumped right into a random version of Bloom for my first tile for Sunday Smackdown #4. I started with the random zig-zag, but got some inconsistencies in petal number so started adding in random dots. I still couldn’t quite resolve everything so it isn’t quite “right.” But I kind of like it. Especially after I colored it with light washes Neocolor II water-soluble crayons. I finished things off with just a sprinkling of fescue.

Bloom on a spherical grid.
Zentangle 2015-090, my second try at Bloom for Sunday Smackdown #4. Here I did it on a spherical grid and finished it with a couple of finery “leaves.”

From the get go I’ve had the though of the spherical globes of tiny blooms that make up hydrangea and wanted to try to put bloom on a spherical grid. It didn’t come out like I envisioned (I really should learn to let go of setting expectations of how things will look). Further explorations may have merit though.

I also have yet to really like my usage of finery. I’ve tried several different tweaks to it and haven’t hit upon the right combo as of yet. In retrospect I probably should have done this in my sketchbook since everything was kind of experimental. Oh well!

Zentangle 2015-091, Diva Challenge #211 & Sunday Smackdown #4 featuring flux two ways and bloom with some assists from tipple, pokeroot and sanibelle.
Zentangle 2015-091, Diva Challenge #211 & Sunday Smackdown #4 featuring flux two ways and bloom with some assists from tipple, pokeroot and sanibelle.

Then this week’s I am the Diva CZT Challenge was to use the two versions of Flux, Rick and Maria’s shared in this week’s Zentangle e-newsletter, in tangle. Maria’s version is a bit too like Mooka for me to love. I’ve done Rick’s version all along I guess. For this tile  I put Rick’s version on a curvy spine and butted Maria’s against a patch of Bloom. I was nudged by Tanglebucket to use Sanibelle (along with some tipple and pokeroot). I really like how bloom came out when I filled in the spaces and held to my original string for that coloring. I am slightly tempted to go add some light Neocolor washes to this one, but I’m not certain. What do you think?

Be sure to check out all the other interpretations of flux at I am the Diva CZT and please join Cate & I in exploring Bloom and add links to your explorations in the comments. We’d love to have others join us in these Sunday Smackdowns!

Sunday Smackdown #1


Dee’s ceiling photos from Cordoba, Spain have influenced my tangling this week. Here we have phicops, a yoga variant and b’tweed,

Cate and I have decided to put together challenges for each other to broaden our tangling. We’ll alternate with a string or Zendala template one week and a pattern the next and switch up who issues the challenges.

We have found we tangle quite differently. Cate with flowing ribbons and organics without strings and myself with bold and often geometric patterns with strong strings. We should definitely help push each other out of our comfort zones.

We’d like to invite you to play along. I haven’t looked into whether we can set up an automatic link share here on WordPress.com yet, so please just post a comment with a permalink to your completed zentangle or ZIA here. In the meantime I’ll look into the link up options.

A good friend of mine is touring Spain for three months. She was recently in Cordoba and has been posting photos of the amazing ceilings in the cathedrals and mosques. I couldn’t help but be inspired by the intricate designs. So, this week’s string was inspired by one of those photos.

The string of this tile was inspired by my friend, Dee’, photos of the ceilings in the Cordoba Cathedral. Here I free-handed the string. It features finery, ballenchain, and hibred.

I kept thinking of other ways I could have taken the string, so I fired up Adobe Illustrator to create a template. I so appreciate Erin at The Bright Owl including multiple sizes in her Zendala Dare templates that I followed her lead. With this particular 4-repeat Zendala I did two sizes for the standard tiles – one extending all the way to the edge and one with some white space around it. Then there is one for the round tiles and a 7.5″ nearly full-page version.

The first Sunday Smackdown string, inspired by Dee's photos of the Cordoba Cathedral Ceiling.
The first Sunday Smackdown string, inspired by Dee’s photos of the Cordoba Cathedral Ceiling.

Download the Sunday Smackdown 1 String Template Here

I will be playing with this string at least one more time in the next two weeks before Cate’s string Smackdown, as will she. We’d love to see how you use it as well! Also, please indicate in your comment if we may repost it in a round-up.

Get tangling! 🙂