I Didn’t Tangle Yesterday!

My first attempt wasnt working, but I’m happy with the second. It’s not quite finished yet.

For the first time since December 28th I didn’t tangle. I was just wrung out. It has been a mentally exhausting week and I passed out after watching an Inspector Lynley mystery with DH.

This morning though I set out to try my idea to take Genevieve’s Zendala template number 7 in a different direction. I think I got kind of lost on my first try. The second attempt though I’m quite happy with. I unexpectedly ended up with butterflies and am trying to decide if I should play that up and add some color? Or add more fescue to reduce the antenna look and stick to black and white and just shade with graphite?

Oddly my first attempt today was another Zentangle first for me. I hadn’t yet abandoned a tile unfinished. I may try rescue it at some point, but I think it needs a few days at least.


What Life Lessons Am I Learning From Zentangle?

Zentangle 2015-047
Zentangle 2015-047, Day 22 of One Zentangle A Day featuring Tagh and Tat with Squid, Sampson, Festune, Ynix and Fracus (variant).

I began working my way through One Zentangle a Day by Beckah Krahula about mid-January. After three weeks I was struggling with only having enough time in a day to do the exercises and not having time for personal exploration. So I took roughly a week off and am back at it as of yesterday.

I will admit it. I groaned when I saw the patterns for my first day back – organic shaped and one of them is a complex, one stroke pattern (Tat). I love the organic feeling zentangles I see on Pintrest or in blogland. I hate the organic zentangles I’ve produced. Why is that?

Also, I seem to be a short stroke pattern person. I tend to make my patterns pretty small (somewhat of a control/perfectionist issue I’m sure) and have not been a fan of the single stroke patterns I’ve attempted thus far.

I’m guessing there are some really profound things these aversions have to say about me. Care to help me decipher them?