Kristi’s Colorful Sunday Smackdown #8

Kristi's Sunday Smackdown
Sunday Smackdown #8 – using at least 4 colors (non-background) in a tangle. From upper left I used Coral Seeds, Oksie (variant), a tangleation of 4MOM and Kuke, Inapod, something I did on my own and something kind of like Buttercup which I then colored in with Prismacolor colored pencils and a ChartPak colorless blender.

Well, I finally did it and finally got around to post it — my Sunday Smackdown #8. Because I’m obsessed with stacks, I first tangled the patterns in a diagonal stack with the standard micron on one of my DIY Fabriano Uno tiles (still 3.5″ square). Then instead of shading I dusted off my set of Prismacolor pencils and a ChartPak blender (it’s a bit juicier than the Prismacolor colorless blender) and got to work.

This was my first time using a solvent blender with colored pencils. I kind of liked it, but will need more practice. I should brush up a bit on color blending to figure out how to do a bit better job at the shading on the spheres. I’m not quite happy with my color distribution.

This was most definitely a challenge, Cate! I certainly learned some things along the way. Plus, it was nice to have some color after a solid week of rain as though Colorado had suddenly become part of the Pacific Northwest. Once life settles down I think I’ll be revisiting this technique. For now though, I think I crave the simplicity of black and white or Renaissance. Though maybe if I still had a good set of markers I’d feel differently, but blending the colored pencils takes a lot of time.

Zendala Dare #98

I’m feeling like I jumped into this Zentangle thing at a great point. Erin at The Bright Owl is back at her Zendala Dares after a hiatus and it makes me so giddy. Zendalas just resonate for me and her templates can really push me.

This week was Zendala Dare #98 and I wanted soooo bad to just b’tweed and/or paradox the heck out of it. But, I made myself resist the urge. Partly because she used paradox and I was noticing both patterns popping up here and there if I happened to glance at people’s finished tiles in one of the Facebook groups or in the blogs I’ve followed.

Using Erin’s Zendala Dare template number 98 with inapod, kuke, auraknot, nekton and beadlines to make my 65th tile of the year.

I had a bit of a rough time, but eventually I think it all kind of came together.  I do wish the center of my auraknot had turned out more symmetrical. I used inapod, auraknot, , nekton, and beadlines. I also kept my shading a titch more restrained. I had visions of doing two or three tiles yesterday to try to catch up on the 365 project I set for myself (I’ve still only not tangled the one day so far, but I haven’t always completed a tile). That didn’t happen. Instead there was napping.