Day 6 and I only finished Inktober #2…

Inktober #2
Spheres with Disc Inktober Zentangle #2 featuring cadent, gneiss with purk and paradox, kozy, cruffle and black pearls.

It is day six and I only just finished my second tile.I’m full of excuses. It really boils down to not finding a groove yet. I have a hard time taking time to do my own things when DH is around and he has every other Friday off which happened to be this week. We also are lacking in the lighting department because lamps are bulky and expensive to move across the country. With the nor’easter this weekend and 11 straight days of cloudy skies things were just overall very dark in our apartment despite an abundance of windows. I’m also just slow. I laugh whenever I read that Zentangle is a 15 minute process. I don’t even get all the patterns inked in 15 minutes when I know all of them well. Then on Saturday I was felled with some sort of odd malady which I was still cautiously recovering from on Sunday.  I still don’t know what the cause may have been. Too much gluten?

This tile is a prime example of shading saving the day. I freehanded all the circles so things are wonky and I am way out of practice on spherical grids and cadent so when I started there I was already quite unhappy with the results before moving on to the gneiss/paradox/purk tangleation. I kept at it a bit adding black pearls, kozy, and cruffle to the mix (see below). Some rush jobs greeted me when I logged on after my tangling and breakfast hour so any further work was stalled until this morning. I much prefer to shade in natural lighting anyway so it was probably for the best that I didn’t revisit it last evening after work. Plus it gave me that oft advantageous “distance.”

Inktober Zentangle #2
Inktober Zentangle #2 sans shading. You can see a lot of wonkiness and it is pretty uninteresting. I almost passed on doing anything more with it, thinking it unsalvageable.

The shading masks my wonky cadent and it’s definitely not round “sphere.” And overall it just brings more dynamics to the piece through the dimension and layering it creates. I think really the shading is some of what I love most about the tangling process, yet when I first started I neglected that step for a few weeks or more! So sad! As has become usual for me, I used three different leads in my shading – 3H, HB, and 3B to help develop more realistic shadows.

After yesterday’s rush jobs I’m hoping to carve out the time to at least ink a third tile today, but we’ll have to see. Then this evening is the monthly handcrafters group at my library so I *may* tangle there. I’ve brought my basic kit with me every time but always end up knitting because it seems easier to visit with others while knitting than tangling.

Inktober Day #1


In my first Inktober drawing we have sampson, auraknot, keeko, bunzo, bb, and msst.
It had already been a very cloudy and slightly rainy 2 days here which is making photographing my early Inktober entries a bit of a challenge. That is likely to remain as my first nor’easter as an east coaster has arrived and regardless of what hurricane Joaquin decides to do, we are likely to feel the effects.

Having not tangled or drawn much recently I decided to go back to the basics for my first #inktober drawing. I used my Doodle Organizer app to randomly choose my first few patterns. That frees me up from decision making but ensured I was at least somewhat familiar with the patterns. Once I had a few patterns in place I continued on my own.

This was actually one of my first tiles where I defiated from my string. I’m wishing now that I had photographed the string. Oh well!

It isn’t my favorite tile, but not too bad for being rusty and letting a lot depend upon chance!

Routines, Habits and Inktober?

Since the move I’ve been struggling with finding a routine. A ritual time for creativity. A time for exercise. The only thing I’ve started to form a regular routine with is cleaning the apartment. That is working quite well. I haven’t tangled in I don’t know how long. I think in part due to this lack of time set aside specifically to do so and partly because I keep thinking if I’m tangling I should be finishing up the new address postcards (only a partial one to go and I can’t seem to finish it).

I really need to get back to tangling for the sake of putting pen to paper and for meditation rather than for art sake. I miss how December and January worked for me where I randomly put together patterns in a string without any expectations and embracing that I would dislike some of the tiles. I have enough pressure from design work to produce finished, beautiful work.

With that said, have you heard of Inktober? The idea is you pick a frequency — daily aka marathon, every other day aka half-marathon, or weekly aka 5k and you create an ink drawing at that frequency for the month of October. You post to your blog or Instagram or Tumblr or what have you and use the hashtag #inktober to connect with others participating. I think I’m going to do it. Hopefully it will help me carve out some sort of regular practice for drawing, tangling or just plain being creative in some form. I’m not sure what frequency I’m going to chose yet, probably marathon or half marathon. But, in preparation I picked up Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists on sale in Kindle format today so I have some prompts if I get stuck or wish to draw something other than tangles.

Anyone else out there planning to take part in Inktober? Share your URL or Instagram name etc. where you will be posting so we can follow along!