Sunday Smackdown #2 Response

Sunday Smackdown #2, first tile of weave.
Zentangle Tile 2015-074, a study of weave with a bit of tipple to finish in response to Sunday Smackdown number 2.

I feel Helen Williams’ weave really shines on its own. Plus, it requires enough concentration (I messed up in a few spots if you look closely) that it seemed best to jump in and keep it simple. I added a bit of tipple as a finishing touch.

More Weave for Sunday Smackdown #2.
Zentangle Tile 2015-77, more Weave for Sunday Smackdown #2 with some pearls kind of ala inapod.

If you are struggling keeping the top grid and bottom grid straight when doing Weave I’d highly recommend taking it large and work on a 3 X 3 dot grid. I actually got through this one without messing up! Plus it gives you room to add in additional tangles for a tangleation 🙂

Finally used weave as an accent rather than the focus for Sunday Smackdown #2.
Zentangle Tile 2015-078, a KalaDala Stenciled Zendala featuring a central flower I just riffed, nekton, black pearls, isochor, striping, cadent triangles, weave, and twisted rope.

Finally to have really explored Weave I felt I needed to use it in a tile where it wasn’t nearly the only tangle. So I pulled out a tile from last weekend’s Zendala class that I had prepped with a stencil from KalaDala and got to work. I started with the isochor-ish and striping, then riffed the flower in the center and did the black pearls to cover up some dots I placed to help with the flower drawing. Next I put in the nekton as the backdrop for the flower and the twisted rope border, then I did the triangular cadent and weave. I’m not quite sure yet how I feel about it overall. Though I am glad to see I was able to successfully complete a smaller, accent of weave. I really wasn’t convinced it was possible so from that aspect this was a successful tile!

Cate, where are your Weave experiments? Or has Narwal taken over your tangling life?


Kozy Zendala


Zendala template no. 7 from with isochor, poke root, paradox, kozy, and pearls.


I’m obsessed with zendalas. I used another template, number 7. I think I may use that same one today too. An idea for taking it in a drastically different direction has percolated in my brain this morning.

I started with the isochor “baskets” that I filled with poke root. I feel like my poke root has degraded. In reality it’s probably the whole tangling in bed thing (get your head out of the gutter!). Then I put in that central poke root branch and surrounded it with paradox. Kozy begged to be next even though I hadn’t ever done that one before. Of course the very first kozy is screamingly obvious. Then graduated pearls were the last little finishing touch.

I Couldn’t Resist The Diva!

That's a lot of Printemps going on there!
That’s a lot of Printemps going on there!

Being a knitting designer, how could I resist the challenge to combine my love of all things wooly with my new Zentangle obsession?

I actually played off of a tee shirt design I did many years ago for this one. It didn’t come out quite how I envisioned, but I’m pretty happy with it. If I were to do it again I’d draw the horns with brown or sepia and color in with the gold. But I haven’t used the gel pens much so I’ll chalk that up to inexperience.

Tile 2015-053, Diva Challenge #205 celebrating the Year of The Sheep (or goat or ram) with lots of Printemps and some Isochor or sorts.
Tile 2015-053, Diva Challenge #205 celebrating the Year of The Sheep (or goat or ram) with lots of Printemps and some Isochor or sorts.