Weekend Zentangling

Zentangle Tile 2015-070 with Oof in progress.
Zentangle Tile 2015-070, in progress featuring Oof for the Square One: Purely Zentangle Facebook Group.

I had such a great time with the Square One: Purely Zentangle focus pattern last week that I jumped right in this week. Oof is the pattern for the week and I thought I was using it on Friday, but I went off of memory and drew my first arcs the wrong direction. I ended up with a fun tangleation, though I’ve neglected to photograph it.

The really completed Zentangle Tile 2015-070
Zentangle Tile 2015-070 Square One: Purely Zentangle focus on Oof. The tile stared at me until I went back and added more.

So I tried it again on Saturday morning as I sat in the coffee shop at the south transit center waiting for my bus to have lunch with Cate and take Sue Clark’s Zendala class. I finished the tile the following morning, or I thought I did. As I sat and sipped my coffee the tile was mocking me for being too flat and dull so I added in more. But, if Instagram is any indication, less was more in this case. Oh well!

Zentangle 2015-071 zendala
Zentangle 2015-071, the first zendala from Sue Clark’s zendala class featuring striping, printemps, diva dance (waltz) and black pearls.

For our first zendala we used an official tile and these great stencils to set the symmetric string.

Zentangle Tile 2015-072, the second zendala from class.
Zentangle Tile 2015-072, the second zendala from class featuring zander, meer, pepper, knight’s bridge and n’zeppel. Then, because I can’t pay attention in class and ended up breaking up more sections that I was supposed to I popped in some copada.

I had to finish this one the next day as well. This was a pre-strung zendala tile and Sue demonstrated how the string can really just be a suggestion and you can divide more etc. While I knew that, I’m not certain I would have done it to a zendala all on my own. I’d be afraid of messing up the symmetry I think. But it worked out. Although I couldn’t manage to divide every other section so I did them all and added in an extra pattern – copada.

Sunday Smackdown #2 in the sketchbook.
Practicing for my Sunday Smackdown #2 in my sketchbook.

Because I put the finishing touches on so many tiles on Sunday morning and I was pretty worn out from Saturday’s craziness I just started doing the step outs for Weave in preparation for my Sunday Smackdown #2. I found doing the step outs helped me solidify keeping the “top grid” and “bottom grid” straight. I highly recommend it!

My First Square One Play

If you haven’t yet seen the Square One Facebook group, you should check it out. I haven’t played with their focus patterns before even though I’ve been a member for over a month because they are very strict on submissions being official Zentangles and not ZIAs. Since I do most of my work on 3″ Bristol squares rather than the official 3.5″ Zentangle Tiles I’m technically doing ZIAs.

Zentangle Tile 2015-068 featuring Bunzo
Zentangle Tile 2015-068, Focus on Bunzo for the Square One Purely Zentangle Facebook Group, with support from N’Zeppel and a Florz tangleation.

But this week I pulled out one of my few official tiles and played with the pattern of focus for the week – Bunzo.

This was my first time making a concerted effort to morph from one pattern into another. In this case, N’Zeppel into a tangleation of Florz. I think I could use some practice on that, but over all I’m quite pleased with the tile. I think I really got great dimension in my Bunzo between the sparkle and shading.

Zentangle Tile 2015-069
Zentangle Tile 2015-069, another Bunzo tile with support from Meet and Flux.

I enjoyed the pattern and the results so much I also used the pattern on my ZIA tile last night. I didn’t like that one so much last night.Meer ended up looking kind of eel-like I think. Then I got a bit heavy on my ornamentation of Flux. After sleeping on it I think it is growing on me. Which is pretty normal for me. The organics I whine about are now some of my favorite after time has passed.

OZAD Day 27

I’m falling behind a bit on working through One Zentangle A Day, getting distracted by the various challenges out there and the call of zendalas. But I finally sat down (ok, reclined in bed to be truthful) with a tile in hand last night.

I chose to use a template from Genevieve of Tangle Harmony. It’s number 6. The patterns for day 27 were Meer, Enyshou and Reef. I added a bit of tipple to the center. I had used Meer in my 12 tile mosaic I did early in January in a ring and I should have remembered how difficult it was to work those veins around a curve. Oh well! I need some help/practice with Enyshou too.

2015-055, "One Zentangle A Day" Day 27 featuring Meer, Enyshou and Reef.
2015-055, “One Zentangle A Day” Day 27 featuring Meer, Enyshou and Reef.

Given my exhaustion, mental state, location and lighting when working on this tile I’m fairly happy with it. It’s not a favorite, but it serves it’s purpose.

Cate, I’ll work on a post about paper! In the meantime, you may find this video slightly helpful. Oddly I had just stumbled on it yesterday.