More Spirals and Ribbons!

A Mr. E and Tipple spiral string zentangle.
Zentangle Tile 2015-084, another spiral string ala Diva Challenge #210 with Mr. E and Tipple.

I suspect it is similar to the meditative qualities of walking a labyrinth, but I had to give another go at a single tangle along a spiral string this week. I’m struggling a lot this week with the reality of the upcoming move. While I still do not have a date of departure, DH leaves a week from tomorrow. I have my metro card which makes it a bit more real as well. Then there is the overwhelming amount of stuff we need to get rid of and it is rather difficult to do so without a car/truck. I kind of want to find a corner I can sit in and suck my thumb. So, extra meditative strings and mac and cheese patterns are what are likely on the docket for the foreseeable future.

Zentangle Inspired Art in Progress on some Strathmore Toned Gray paper.
Zentangle Inspired Art in Progress on some Strathmore Toned Gray paper featuring some flying cadents with a ribbon weaving through them.

Inspired by a combination of Cate’s flying cadents and ribbons and the spiral string thing I started this the other night on a sheet of Strathmore’s Tone Gray paper that Sue shared with those of us in the Renaissance tile class.

I’m still not sure what I want to do with the ribbon. I’m feeling pretty certain I want to put white charcoal in the light section of the cadents. Part of me is thinking of putting a monochrome Sunup Sundown in the ribbon and then shading the heck out of it to get some good dimension. Before I outlined it in black I contemplated using red and burgundy to color it solid with some sparkle, but I think the black outline has me tossing that option out the window, plus that is a lot of color to lay in with a micron. I suppose I could do a pattern in it with the combo of red and burgundy to do some of the initial shading… Then the keeping it simple part of me is thinking I should just shade it with graphite and white charcoal. What would you do with the ribbon?

I thought I’d finish it last night, but after a bad bus ride to work yesterday morning and lots of work stress I was nodding off early in the evening so I gave up and went to bed early. Surprisingly I slept more or less through the night so hopefully I’ll tangle this evening.


I Didn’t Tangle Yesterday!

My first attempt wasnt working, but I’m happy with the second. It’s not quite finished yet.

For the first time since December 28th I didn’t tangle. I was just wrung out. It has been a mentally exhausting week and I passed out after watching an Inspector Lynley mystery with DH.

This morning though I set out to try my idea to take Genevieve’s Zendala template number 7 in a different direction. I think I got kind of lost on my first try. The second attempt though I’m quite happy with. I unexpectedly ended up with butterflies and am trying to decide if I should play that up and add some color? Or add more fescue to reduce the antenna look and stick to black and white and just shade with graphite?

Oddly my first attempt today was another Zentangle first for me. I hadn’t yet abandoned a tile unfinished. I may try rescue it at some point, but I think it needs a few days at least.