Sunday Smackdown #4 & Diva Challenge       

Random "Bloom" for Zentangle 2015-089
My first tile using the Sunday Smackdown pattern of Bloom by Helen Williams, here done with a combo of a random zig-zag and dots with a touch of Neocolor II crayons.

After watching Helen’s video and doing my own step-outs in my sketchbook I jumped right into a random version of Bloom for my first tile for Sunday Smackdown #4. I started with the random zig-zag, but got some inconsistencies in petal number so started adding in random dots. I still couldn’t quite resolve everything so it isn’t quite “right.” But I kind of like it. Especially after I colored it with light washes Neocolor II water-soluble crayons. I finished things off with just a sprinkling of fescue.

Bloom on a spherical grid.
Zentangle 2015-090, my second try at Bloom for Sunday Smackdown #4. Here I did it on a spherical grid and finished it with a couple of finery “leaves.”

From the get go I’ve had the though of the spherical globes of tiny blooms that make up hydrangea and wanted to try to put bloom on a spherical grid. It didn’t come out like I envisioned (I really should learn to let go of setting expectations of how things will look). Further explorations may have merit though.

I also have yet to really like my usage of finery. I’ve tried several different tweaks to it and haven’t hit upon the right combo as of yet. In retrospect I probably should have done this in my sketchbook since everything was kind of experimental. Oh well!

Zentangle 2015-091, Diva Challenge #211 & Sunday Smackdown #4 featuring flux two ways and bloom with some assists from tipple, pokeroot and sanibelle.
Zentangle 2015-091, Diva Challenge #211 & Sunday Smackdown #4 featuring flux two ways and bloom with some assists from tipple, pokeroot and sanibelle.

Then this week’s I am the Diva CZT Challenge was to use the two versions of Flux, Rick and Maria’s shared in this week’s Zentangle e-newsletter, in tangle. Maria’s version is a bit too like Mooka for me to love. I’ve done Rick’s version all along I guess. For this tile  I put Rick’s version on a curvy spine and butted Maria’s against a patch of Bloom. I was nudged by Tanglebucket to use Sanibelle (along with some tipple and pokeroot). I really like how bloom came out when I filled in the spaces and held to my original string for that coloring. I am slightly tempted to go add some light Neocolor washes to this one, but I’m not certain. What do you think?

Be sure to check out all the other interpretations of flux at I am the Diva CZT and please join Cate & I in exploring Bloom and add links to your explorations in the comments. We’d love to have others join us in these Sunday Smackdowns!


I Am The Diva Challenge #208

I couldn’t resist the I Am The Diva Challenge this week. Participants are to make a duotangle using cubine and pokeroot. I *adore* cubine, but don’t incorporate it often enough. I also enjoy using pokeroot as an organic filler. It makes me think of cherries most of the time which makes me think of my dad.

Zentangle Tile 2015-067
Zentangle Tile 2015-067, I Am The Diva Challenge #208 with pokeroot and cubine.

I opted to explore both at a bit larger scale than I tend to embrace. I liked it. It gave me more room to shade, LOL! Though I think my pokeroot, separated like that and at that size came out more like apples than cherries.

I’m uncertain if my last-minute frame, all be it light, disqualifies me? I just felt it needed a boundary. I may blame it on Day 31 (I think) of One Zentangle a Day. The focus of that daily lesson was framing.

Be sure you check out all the other participants. The work I’ve seen trickling through my Facebook groups and my blogroll have been fantastic!