Sunday Smackdown #9 – Zendala Template Again!

Kristi's Zendala Template fro Sunday Smackdown #9.
Kristi’s Zendala Template for Sunday Smackdown #9.

I know, you are all super surprised that I’m issuing a Zendala template Sunday Smackdown. I can’t help it. I love to nerd out with Adobe Illustrator! While I use Illustrator for work frequently, it isn’t often in this type of manner so I still get to learn some new things that no doubt will help my daily work and have some fun and support  my hobby at the same time.

As usual, I have a 2-page PDF available here. You will find the template sized for standard Zentangle tiles, Zendala tiles and full sheets of printer paper/card stock.

On this one I tried to keep it helpful, yet not stiffling. As I created it I had many different ideas pop through my head depending on what lines I left as is and which I ignored and where I maybe added lines. I think that means I achieved my goal. I also have a thought to try use this as a template beneath a round Gelli plate. I’ll post my method for that later in the week if it works as I’m envisioning.

When you’ve completed your ZIA and posted it somewhere, please come back here and share a link to it in the comments. We would love to see how you interpret the template. A credit line linking back here for the template so others can play along would be greatly appreciated as well.

Now, go tangle!


Border Patrol!

This past Saturday Cate and I took another class from the wonderful Sue Clark, CZT of Tangled Ink Art. It focused on borders. We played with some new patterns in borders as well as using tangles we already knew in a border format. This was all in preparation for an Illuminated Letters workshop we’ll be taking this coming Saturday.

Sue handed out a great worksheet for experimenting with border formations on it, but we nearly filled it and I wanted to experiment some more before next Saturday so I drew up a practice sheet of my own, adding in some circular borders as well. So on the worksheet are some corners, some curves and some straight borders – all things worthy of experimenting with before putting the border on tiles. Since I went to the trouble of creating a worksheet I can print as needed I figured I may as well share it with others.

A worksheet for practicing straight, curved and corner zentangle borders.
A worksheet for practicing straight, curved and corner zentangle borders.

Download the PDF Border Practice sheet here.


Sunday Smackdown #1


Dee’s ceiling photos from Cordoba, Spain have influenced my tangling this week. Here we have phicops, a yoga variant and b’tweed,

Cate and I have decided to put together challenges for each other to broaden our tangling. We’ll alternate with a string or Zendala template one week and a pattern the next and switch up who issues the challenges.

We have found we tangle quite differently. Cate with flowing ribbons and organics without strings and myself with bold and often geometric patterns with strong strings. We should definitely help push each other out of our comfort zones.

We’d like to invite you to play along. I haven’t looked into whether we can set up an automatic link share here on yet, so please just post a comment with a permalink to your completed zentangle or ZIA here. In the meantime I’ll look into the link up options.

A good friend of mine is touring Spain for three months. She was recently in Cordoba and has been posting photos of the amazing ceilings in the cathedrals and mosques. I couldn’t help but be inspired by the intricate designs. So, this week’s string was inspired by one of those photos.

The string of this tile was inspired by my friend, Dee’, photos of the ceilings in the Cordoba Cathedral. Here I free-handed the string. It features finery, ballenchain, and hibred.

I kept thinking of other ways I could have taken the string, so I fired up Adobe Illustrator to create a template. I so appreciate Erin at The Bright Owl including multiple sizes in her Zendala Dare templates that I followed her lead. With this particular 4-repeat Zendala I did two sizes for the standard tiles – one extending all the way to the edge and one with some white space around it. Then there is one for the round tiles and a 7.5″ nearly full-page version.

The first Sunday Smackdown string, inspired by Dee's photos of the Cordoba Cathedral Ceiling.
The first Sunday Smackdown string, inspired by Dee’s photos of the Cordoba Cathedral Ceiling.

Download the Sunday Smackdown 1 String Template Here

I will be playing with this string at least one more time in the next two weeks before Cate’s string Smackdown, as will she. We’d love to see how you use it as well! Also, please indicate in your comment if we may repost it in a round-up.

Get tangling! 🙂